25 May 2013

Magic Art - How to make a Needle Felt Doll

Felting needles
Different color of Felting Wools
Core wool - for the foundation
Felting mat
Felting mold (optional)

Step One - the core wool to form a shape by using the felting needle

Step Two - add the colored felting wool to cover the foundation part.

Step Three - use glue to stick the eyes, add a bit red felting wool as face blush and black as its mouth.

A Family of Octopus

Ps. you can make it as a key chain as well. 

Magic Art - Quilled Mini-plants

No watering is required for this mini-plants. :p

Magic Art - Quilling Products

OMG ... you may ask where I have been to. Frankly, I have been LOST in a busy city. Luckily, recently I have found my way back to my Fantasyland.

Quilling skill I learnt when I was in Singapore. But recently, I saw an advertisement presented by those creative quilling products. So I think it's time for me to practice my skill again.

The materials you need for quilling is very simple - paper, glue, a quiling tool, scissors.

Once you got all these materials, you can start to roll the quilling paper.

Combined all these quilling product together, then you can create a greeting card easily.
Below is a birthday card I made.